Leonardo da Silveira Pirillo Inojosa

University of Brasilia, Brazil

Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of São Paulo (2003), with a Master's and PhD from the University of Brasília (2010 and 2019) and a Master's Specialization in Building Structures from the Universitat de Barcelona (2022). Has served as head of the Department of Buildings - DEDI, of NOVACAP - Urbanization Company of the New Capital of Brazil (2015-2017) and as Director of CEPLAN - Oscar Niemeyer Planning Center - UnB (2020-2021). Has academic experience in Engineering, Architecture, and Urbanism, with emphasis on Architectural Technology, Structures, and Graphic Presentation, focused on architecture, design, structural systems, concrete structure, technical drawing, and BIM. He is currently a professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Brasília (FT-UnB).