Alicia Alvarez

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain

PhD in Clinical Psychology from the UAB and postgraduate in Integrative Psychotherapy from the UdG. She is an expert in Traumatic Emotional Memory by the COPB and in emergency psychology by the CGCOP. 13 years of clinical, research and lecturing experience. Currently, director of care and research at the UTCCB (UAB). Collaborates with different universities (UOC, Harvard Medical School, UPC, etc.), with various organisations (UN, EUCVT, Ministry of the Interior (Gov. Spain), NIHR, etc.) and publications (JOTSE, IJTS, etc.). In the field of innovation and AI, she has participated in projects such as the IBM Watson Challenge with the creation of an AI-based chatbot, she is a regular speaker on the neuroscience of innovation and has published several articles on the use of BigData for communication in mass emergencies.