Claudio Vittori Antisari

Founder at Strategie Digitali Srl, Italy

Claudio is an Architect specialized in BIM and Computational Design. He is the founder of Strategie Digitali srl, a consulting company focusing on BIM Computational Desing, Coding e Project Management. From 2009, he has been part of a BIM and Computational Design pioneer group in the RomaTre University under Stefano Converso. During his last years of experience, he has had the opportunity to work in different BIM roles in different world areas—from BIM researcher to BIM consultant up to BIM manager. This exposure has given him a deep understanding of the BIM process for architectural offices. Nowadays he spends most of his time helping architects to improve efficiency and effectiveness in building design. Claudio Vittori Antisari is an awarded technology speaker and participates actively in the BIM national and international debate, taking part in BIM-related events and conferences, participating in university research groups, and giving his consultancy to governance projects.