Asieh Mirafzali

Belka Group, Germany

After graduating from university, she embarked on a career in accounting, but her path took an exhilarating turn when she joined Belka Group at 2009. She started her career as an accountant and then joined the operation department. It was there that she discovered her true calling in international sales and as a dynamic leader with a decade of international sales expertise, instrumental in driving Belka Group's growth. Established and oversaw Business Development, forged strategic alliances, and expanded market reach across Asia and Europe. Skillfully connected with diverse cultures, resulting in increased revenue and market penetration. The collaborative approach led to effective sales and marketing strategies, elevating brand awareness and enhancing customer engagement.
Her devotion and desire for personal growth go far beyond the confines of her professional life. She continuously strives to acquire new skills, encompassing behaviors, actions, attitudes, negotiation techniques, habits, reactions, and other life skills that propel her to the next level. Ultimately, her path converged with the field of business development, igniting a deep passion within her. Being bestowed with the role of Vice President fills me with immense honor, which in turn amplifies her sense of responsibility.