Cesar Frias Enciso

Morph Studio, Spain

César was born in Soria (Spain) in 1975, and studied in the Valladolid Architectural faculty. As CEO and Creative Director of Morph Studio, the 77th studio on the WA100 2024 list of the biggest architectural studios in the world, César Frías manages projects with the most prominent real estate companies around the globe. His determination and vision of architecture have allowed Morph Estudio to have, from its foundation to the present day, a multidisciplinary team of more than 160 architects and specialists. Similarly, the philosophy and work methodology practiced at Morph Estudio makes it a benchmark and pioneer in the use of BIM technology and sustainability in buildings in Spain.

Currently, the varied thematic spectrum of architecture is leading him to focus on unique high-rise projects, office projects, stadiums, mixed-use buildings… achieving landmarks like being the author of 7 out of the 50 highest towers of Spain